Child-Student Ridership Form 2021-2022

Changes have been made due to COVID-19 and S.I.T. current requirements!


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has announced a federal mask requirement for transit systems to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 based on President Joseph R. Biden’s Executive Order 13998, issued January 21, 2021. The Transportation Security Administration soon followed with a security directive implementing the CDC order.

Science-based measures are critical to preventing the spread of COVID-19. Mask-wearing is one of several proven life-saving measures, including physical distancing, appropriate ventilation, vaccination and timely testing, that can reduce the transmission of COVID-19.  Requiring masks will protect America’s transit workers and passengers and help control the transmission of COVID-19.

On April 30, TSA extended the face mask requirement for all transportation networks, including public transportation, through September 13, 2021.

Looking for transportation for your child? You have come to the right page! Please READ and fill out the ridership form Child-Student Ridership Form 2020-2021 and return to Southern Iowa Trolley at 215 E. Montgomery, as soon as possible! You may also scan and email the ridership to  or fax it to 641-782-4096! Please call 641-782-6571 or 866-782-6571 if you have questions!

Preschool / K-12 / College Students (3yrs & above):

STUDENT TICKET IN TOWN ONLY $24.00 12 rides Valid anytime
*ONE-WAY Pass IN TOWN ONLY $38.50 per month 1 ride per day Passes are Valid 1st day of month to last day of month. Must be purchased by 5th of the month or $10 late fee will be incurred and/or you child will not be transported *For Multiple children – same family – contact Dispatch for pricing*
*TWO-WAY Pass IN TOWN ONLY $68.20 per month 2 rides per day
*ONE-WAY Pass TOWN-TO-TOWN ONLY $50.00 per month 1 ride per day Avg $2.50 per ride Passes are Valid 1st day of month to last day of month. Must be purchased by 5th of the month or $10 late fee will be incurred and/or you child will not be transported –  *For Multiple children – same family – contact Dispatch for pricing*
*TWO-WAY Pass TOWN-TO-TOWN ONLY $100.00 per month 2 rides per day – Avg 40 rides per month $2.50 per ride
TOWN-TO-TOWN – SINGLE RIDE $2.50 SPACE AVAILABLE Single rides town-to-town may be purchased, however, subject to space available!
SUMMER FUN BUS – Per Ride OR Unlimited – IN TOWN ONLY $0.50 per ride or $40.00 Unlimited Summer Fun In Town Only – valid only after last day of school and until school starts!

Southern Iowa Trolley accepts Cash, Check, Money Order and Debit/Credit Cards. Additional 3% will be added to Debit/Credit Card transactions.


In a concerted effort with parents to provide safe, reliable and affordable transportation, the Southern Iowa Trolley has established the following policies and procedures:

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Southern Iowa Trolley will be requiring FACE MASKS to be worn at all times while riding on the trolley. If a child becomes disruptive, refuses to keep mask on, refuses to stay seated, uses profanity, is involved in fighting, or any other problem that may interfere with the driver’s ability to drive, the following policy’s will be enforced:
1st offense – The driver will fill out a behavior warning report and the child’s parents or guardian will receive a phone call and written notification that a behavior problem exists, which needs their attention. Parents will be notified by the Safety & Training Manager or Transit Director.
2nd offense – The driver will fill out behavior warning report, and transportation will be suspended for two weeks. Parents will be notified by the Safety & Training Manager or Transit Director and written notice will be sent to the parents or guardians.
3rd offense – The driver will fill out behavior warning report and transportation WILL be suspended for the remainder of the school year. Parents will be notified by the Transit Director.

If the child is in Pre-school or Kindergarten, the second offense will require a meeting with the parents/guardians, the Safety & Training Manager and Transit Director to discuss the behavior.  The third offense will deny transportation for a period of two weeks.  A fourth offense will deny transportation for the remainder of that school year.

One of the following payment options may be used. Cash, check, money order or Credit cards (with markup) are accepted at Southern Iowa Trolley. If your child owes for 5 rides or the monthly pass has not been purchased by the 5th of the month and arrangements to pay have not been made through dispatch, the driver will not pick up or drop your child off. Failure to pay will result in termination of service.
1. PAY-AS-GO: Fare may be given directly to driver at the time of boarding. Money may also be brought into or mailed to the dispatch office at 215 E Montgomery, Creston, IA 50801.
2. TICKET: Payment is due upon receipt of ticket. The 12 ride student ticket may be purchased anytime.
3. MONTHLY K-12 PASS: Passes are to be purchased by the 5th of each month. AFTER the 5th of the month there will be a $10 late fee applied to the cost of the pass.
PASSES are available for one way or two way transportation. If your child has a one way pass and the need for transportation a second time is required on that day, they will need to pay regular student fare for the 2nd ride.
4. LOST OR MISPLACED TICKETS: S.I.T. will not be responsible for lost or misplaced tickets. Credit will NOT be given for lost or misplaced tickets. Monthly passes are good from the 1st of the month to the end of the month only.

A ridership form MUST be filled out for EACH child every SUMMER and FALL. Address and phone numbers must be kept up to date. Please notify S.I.T. of any changes as soon as possible.

Parents/legal guardians must notify S.I.T. of changes in scheduled pick up or drop off addresses. If S.I.T. has not been notified of the change and the driver goes to the scheduled place of pick up or drop off, an additional fare will be charged if no notice was given to change pick up or drop address. Please notify S.I.T. as soon as possible of any changes. If change is permanent, a NEW RIDERSHIP FORM MUST BE FILLED OUT!

In an effort to keep the Trolley clean, food and/or drinks are NOT allowed. If the child is taking treats to school for the day please make sure they are in an enclosed container in their backpacks or given to the driver to keep until the child reaches their destination.

For the safety of the children all toys should be placed in backpacks or given to the driver until the child’s final destination.

Drivers walk through the vehicle at the end of each route. If your child is missing an item please contact Southern Iowa Trolley as soon as possible. Any items left over at Christmas break and the end of the school year is given to charity. A lost and found box is located at the S.I.T. office.

Children less than three years of age MUST be accompanied by an adult and must be in a car seat or other approved safety securement provided by the family or contracting organization.

All passengers must stay seated and wear seat belts/safety restraint (unless medical release has been given in writing by a physician) at all times while on board the vehicle. Passengers, who refuse to fasten seatbelts or unfasten seatbelt while the Trolley is moving, will be written up. SEE DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOR.

Children should be dressed and ready to go when the Trolley arrives. S.I.T. will not wait any longer than two (2) minutes at one location for your child to come out of the door. If your child misses the Trolley, S.I.T. will return to pick up your child, after the other passengers have been delivered to their destination in order to prevent everyone from being late. S.I.T. reserves the right to charge an additional fare for return pickups.


  • Delays: S.I.T. will operate at the delayed time. If there is a change in pickup location, you must call dispatch with new pickup location.
  • Cancels: If school cancels, S.I.T. will not provide any child transportation.
  • Early Outs: If schools are released early, you must contact dispatch if drop off location is changed.

Town-to-Town: Example:  Greenfield-Creston:  If Nodaway Valley delays two hours, those children riding to Creston will be on two hour delay even if Creston is not on a delay! Safety 1st for Driver and Passengers!! Also, Please contact dispatch should your child not be riding!!

Pickup and delivery time may vary fifteen (15) – thirty (30) minutes due to riders being added or removed, road conditions, trains across tracks, or unforeseen problems such as replacement driver or vehicle problems.

Unless a parent/legal guardian has signed the parental release section, an adult/authorized person must be visible to the driver when children are delivered or the child will not be allowed to disembark the vehicle. If an adult/authorized person is not found, the child will remain on the vehicle until the end of the route. S.I.T. dispatch will make every attempt to contact the parent/legal guardian or an emergency contact. Additional charges may be applied at the discretion of the Transit Director to drop child off at alternate destination or scheduled destination.