Transportation for the General Public – Service is available to riders of all ages.

Southern Iowa Trolley, provides door-to-door transportation service to persons in the counties of Adair, Adams, Clarke, Decatur, Ringgold, Taylor and Union. Service is available Monday-Friday in the following towns: Greenfield, Corning, Osceola, Leon, Mt. Ayr, and Creston.  The Southern Iowa Trolley is the designated the Regional Transit Authority for the area serving the general public, including persons with disabilities.
The following is a general description of our service in the various towns and counties. If you have a transportation need please call us and we will do our best to meet your need in an affordable manner.


 – Monday-Friday – Daily route to and from Creston


 – Call 866-782-6571 ext. 103 for driver availability



 – Monday-Friday – Door-to-Door service in town


 – Monday-Friday – Door-to-Door service in town


 Monday-Friday – Door-to-Door service in town


 – Monday-Friday – Daily route to and from Creston – Contact dispatch for times


 Monday-Friday – Door-to-Door service in town


 – Daily route to and from Mt. Ayr Tuesday & Friday 9am – 2pm

(Must call 866-782-6571 Press 103 and schedule ride 24 hours in advance)


 Mt. Ayr

 Monday-Friday – Door-to-Door service in town


 – Monday-Friday – Daily route to and from Osceola – Sept 1 – May 31

Contact dispatch for times


 Monday-Friday – Door-to-Door service in town

Note: Door-to-door service is available on demand by calling the dispatcher at 866-782-6571 ext. 103 or 641-782-6571 ext. 103

Routes between towns are subject to driver availability.

Routes between towns are subject to change.


Senior Transportation

Connections Area Agency on Aging subsidizes rides on the Southern Iowa Trolley for passengers age 60 and over. Connections AAA Intake form must be filled out completely every July.  The Trolley helps people in maintaining their independence by providing a means for them to get to the store, medical appointments, shopping, to visit friends, etc. To schedule a ride or obtain further information, call the Trolley’s toll-free number 1-866-782-6571 Press 103 or, in Creston, 782-6571 Press 103.

Child Transportation

Southern Iowa Trolley provides transportation for children in the fall and during the summer at a reduced rate. Please go to the Child Transportation Tab to download a ridership form. A ridership must be filled out and returned to dispatch prior to child riding.

A new ridership must be filled out each year in the fall and for the summer fun activities.

Monthly Des Moines trips are currently unavailable.